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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Movin' up in the world :)

If you've been around since the very beginning (a whopping couple of weeks ago), you'll notice a few changes around here.

1)  I've become a member of the SPD Blogger Network, which means that people looking for blogs about SPD on Hartley's website Hartley's Life with 3 Boys will find a link here.  And you can click on the SPD Blogger Network button over there -----> to go to that list.  Hello and welcome to the fellow SPD bloggers and parents that have found their way here from that site!

2)  I've spiffed things up a bit with a new header picture (taken by my good friend Ben Dillon) and new fonts.  I'm still new at blogging, and not very techie, so hopefully I'll get things the way I would like them over time :)

3)  I was honored with a blog award :)  Thank you to fellow SPD Blogger mom Jaimee at Our Life with SPD  for the award!  As part of the award, I am supposed to share seven things about myself and then pass the award along.  So here goes:
  • I'm a bit of a word nerd and love to laugh over conversations about grammar and word usage.
  • I love to sing, even if I am terrible at it.  For the sake of others, I try to reserve such singing for car trips alone :)
  • I love to travel and wish I could do more of it -- seeing new things, learning about other cultures and local histories, trying new foods and pasttimes, it all energizes me!
  • Blue is my favorite color.  Is that why I have two boys?  :)
  • My cell phone is just a phone.  It doesn't surf the web; it doesn't take great pictures; it doesn't play music.  It just calls people.
  • I was diagnosed with ADD as an adult (mind you, I graduated valedictorian in high school, top of my class in college, and have a graduate degree) and I believe it is an accurate diagnosis.  I can hyper-focus sometimes but otherwise rarely finish one thing at a time, if I ever finish anything at all.
  • I don't drink much of either, but when I do have coffee or alcohol, I like them "frou frou" -- if you wouldn't put whipped cream or an umbrella in it, I probably don't want to drink it!
Now to pass the award along, I'll send it to one of my favorite bloggers who is a friend from high school, Ellajac at Aspiring to Simplicity

In the works, a blog about food (Josiah is on a GFCF diet and is dairy/soy allergic, and baby Malachi seems to be gluten intolerant, so while I'm nursing I'm also on the GFCF diet -- food is tricky around here!) and one about mortality . . . stay tuned :)


  1. Oh thank you!!! You are so kind. I didn't even know about your blog until I saw it on fb this morning. Subscribed immediately, of course. :)

    I have an 'unclaimed' blog award from around the time Naomi was born.. Hmm, maybe I'll go grab that one too. :)

    I am looking forward to your food posts; the Naturopath just advised me to put Little Artist (6) on a gluten/dairy free (among other /frees) diet for a time to see if it resolves her problems. She has thin arms, alligator backbone, and a disproportionately round, large belly. I'm very used to using dairy as a lunchtime protein, and am a little lost for ideas (and time to find more!).

  2. Still working on the food post :) but as far as protein, you have to think nuts, beans and meat. Josiah eats a LOT of eggs, at least one a day, sometimes as many as 3. For easy lunch protein, he usually eats deli meat (the Hormel Natural stuff -- it's not too expensive when you can find it on sale, buy a bunch and freeze it. More food ideas in the food post, and on an ongoing basis I would guess :)