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Monday, September 20, 2010

Daybook Entry For Today

Outside my window... it's dark.  See, I'm a homeschooling mom with a 3 month old baby -- I don't have much time for the internet or blogging during daylight hours :)

I am thinking... that reading other mom's blogs about their children with SPD is both a blessing and a curse.  Great to find comraderie for similar struggles and get new ideas; not-so-great that most of the moms who blog are also bigger over-achievers at mom-dom than I am and I start to wonder whether I'm doing enough for my own child.  Need to find the balance on that . . .

I am thankful for... bursts of energy that make me productive.  I start back teaching tomorrow (two mornings a week from 9 to 2, so not terribly much time away but enough to feel nervous about -- and enough to drain a decent bit of extra energy!)  I know tomorrow is going to be completely shot as far as productivity at home -- I've already planned Tues through Thurs as Josiah's "weekends" where homeschooling is concerned and have relieved myself of too much pressure to get much housework done as well.  So it was nice to have a bit of extra energy (and baby nap time) today to get some things done so I'm not starting already way behind.

From the learning rooms... we're doing a unit on Fire Safety this week.  Josiah is loving it, as it involves plenty of role-playing time and actual practice of things (crawling around under pretend smoke; checking doors for pretend fire on the other side, etc.).  In preparation for a full fire drill later in the week (when daddy is home to help with the logistics of such a task), we tested each smoke alarm in the hosue today.  I chose a time that he seemed in a good mood and well-regulating, and fortunately baby was happy, too.  I was surprised at how well Josiah did with this.  It clearly disorganized his system a bit (he was on overdrive for awhile the rest of the day) but he was mostly "up" instead of "angry and low" so that was good.  And he even pushed the buttons himself!

From the kitchen... oh gosh, don't get me started.  Baby was "colicky" and only got better when I eliminated dairy and gluten from my diet (which is, incidentally, exactly the diet Josiah is on permanently).  While I'm used to SERVING such a diet, I'm not quite so used to eating it.  It's been a bit of a struggle, to say the least.  I'm running out of ideas to keep myself from being hungry constantly!

I am wearing... jammies right now.  My first-day-of-class clothes are hanging ready to go for tomorrow, though.  Does that count?  :)

I am creating... plans, mostly.  I never can seem to shut my mind off -- whether it's plans for Josiah's schooling, plans for the classes I'm teaching, plans for meal options, plans for finding time with hubby -- my mind is on constant "go" mode.  Oh yeah, that's the ADD in me -- who said our kids were the only ones with issues?!  :)

I am going... to sleep soon, I hope :)

I am reading... mostly other blogs by moms of SPD kids that I've recently discovered on the SPD Blogger Network (which I may be joining soon as well). 

I am hoping... tomorrow goes well, both in class and at home.  I haven't been away from baby that long yet, so it has the potential to be really hard on everyone (me, baby, daddy and SPD big-bro who has a rough time when baby is cranky and crying a lot).

I am hearing... the white noise machine in our room.  Truth be told, I really don't like that noise.  Hubby seems to really like it, and it seems to help baby some, so I tolerate it.

Around the house... are still a few piles of folded laundry, toys, homeschool stuff, and loads of other clutter.  But the kitchen is fairly clean, all bedsheets were washed today, and diapers are in the wash :)  (Did I forget to mention that we cloth diaper the baby?  LOL)

One of my favorite things... is ice cream.  In a waffle cone.  Thanks for reminding me of all I can't eat while I'm nursing baby.  :)

A few plans for the rest of the week: survive!  Truly, that's my main goal.  I'm generally a perfectionistic overachiever, but I know this week has the potential to be VERY challenging, so I'm really just hoping we all get through it unscathed.  Sensational living is on the agenda for next week; if it happens this week, it was by sheer grace of God!

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