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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

30 SPD Facts in 30 Days -- Fact #12

What are some signs of Sensory Processing Disorder?

Signs Of Visual  Dysfunction (with no physical vision problem):
Hypersensitive:  Irritated by sunlight or bright lights; easily distracted by visual stimuli; avoids eye contact; may become over aroused in brightly colored rooms.

Hyposensitive:  Difficulty controlling eye movements and tracking objects; mixes up similar letters; focuses on little details in a picture and misses the whole; looses his place frequently when reading or copying from the blackboard.

Remember that inconsistency is a hallmark of this disorder, so you may find yourself/your child being hypersensitive one day and hyposensitive another day and on yet another day seem completely normal.  For a more complete checklist of symptoms, click here.

Like smell, Josiah's vision system seems to work well enough to also not need much special consideration on a daily basis.  We did have him evaluated by a vision specialist (not just an optometrist) and while he was a tad bit behind in a few areas, it wasn't worrisome or anything that required correction.  He does tend to become overwhelmed in rooms that are busy or cluttered, and he mixes up similar letters (though I think that is pretty age appropriate right now).  And if there is much clutter around, he can't seem to find anything he is looking for (especially if I'm the one who asked for it LOL) but aside from reducing clutter, there isn't much we need to do for him visually.  Yay for that!
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