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Thursday, October 28, 2010

30 SPD Facts in 30 Days -- Fact #28

Sensory Diets:   Children with SPD need strategic activities sprinkled throughout the day to help maintain the optimum arousal level for good behavior and successful development.   Many sensory children will experience both extremes of energy (overstimulated or listless) throughout the day and have trouble maintaining the suitable arousal levels necessary to perform age-appropriate tasks.(1)  One of the most effective treatments for Sensory Processing Disorders is a sensory diet.(2)   A sensory diet is an activity plan designed for an individual child with SPD to help modulate his “engine” level.(1) 
For example, to calm an overstimulated child, you could wrap him in a heavy blanket, feed him crunchy foods or suck yogurt through a straw, have him roll or knead play-dough, or push a heavy box around the room.  To energize, have the child jump on a trampoline, spin in circles, take a shower or eat chewy foods.  Many children needs frequent sensory breaks during school for these kinds of sensory activities that help organize their bodies and let them succeed.
It is important to consult with your child's OT before introducing a new activity or developing a sensory diet for your child!

Read more at (1) Suite101: How to Support Kids with SPD: Sensory Diet Ideas to Keep Energy Levels Just Right   and (2)

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